For the past 15 years, starting with the plantation of our first farm in the north of Chile, an area praised for its people and weather, here at Quelen Fruits, the farming branch of an important Chilean business group, we’ve devoted our work to the production of Citrus Fruit and Avocado, supplying the world’s most demanding markets.

Over the years, we’ve grown exponentially with farms in the center and south of the country, including highly sought-after products, like cherries.

In 2020, we decided to take up a leadership role in the walnut industry and become large-scale walnut exporters. We trust that our effort and working capacity will achieve significant growth, akin to the success we have enjoyed in each one of the industries we have a stake in.

In terms of production, Quelen Fruits currently owns more than 1,000 Hectares across the country, and we can confidently state that this is just the beginning.

Quelen Fruits own farms and the land pertaining to associated growers have moved us to create our own processing capacity, resulting in two processing plants for fresh fruit and nuts. Thanks to this infrastructure, as exporters – and now as walnut exporters – we are able to supply more than 10 species of fruit to customers in Asia, Africa, Europe, North America and South America.

As a group, at Quelen Fruits we understand that the demands of our clients and end consumers increase every day, and for this very reason, we have made sure that we are working efficiently and with technology in each of our production and processing units to surpass even the most ambitious of expectations.


In order to achieve our goals, we have put together a team with decades of experience in walnut production, processing and exporting, and we are also on the cutting edge of technology to go above and beyond our customers’ standards and ensure the delivery of Premium Quality Walnuts.