At Quelen Fruits, we can safely say that, thanks to its Mediterranean climate, the center-south of Chile is where the best walnuts in the world are grown.

This has led Chile to become the number one producer and exporter of walnuts in the Southern Hemisphere.

The combination of one-of-a-kind phenomena found in this geographical location has allowed Chile to grow a Premium product, making Chilean walnuts the best in the world, thanks to factors such as:

  • Moderate temperatures in summer
  • High temperature fluctuations between day and night, warm days and cool nights
  • Low relative humidity in spring and summer
  • Coastal influence that carries across the transverse valleys
  • Natural sanitary boundaries around the borders of this Chilean geographical zone (Atacama Desert to the north, Andes Mountains to the east, ice fields to the south and the Pacific Ocean to the west)

These conditions have created the perfect ecosystem for growing the world’s finest walnuts counter-seasonally to California.


Just like the rest of Chile’s renowned agriculture, here at Quelen Fruits, as walnut producers, we cultivate our orchards using the latest agro-industrial technology.

Technical practices such as : environmentally sustainable irrigation; only using agrochemicals certified by the USDA and the European Community to ensure healthy walnuts; mechanical harvesting that allows us harvest each tree as many times as necessary to find the unmatchable quality of Chilean walnuts; and proper industrial-grade walnut hulling and drying to ensure an early setting of moisture and color, all help us obtain the highest possible percentage of healthy, extra light colored walnuts for our packing plants.